The Dyslexia Foundation’s

Albert M. Galaburda Research Award

The Dyslexia Foundation is putting out a call for proposals for the Albert M. Galaburda Research Award, which is geared towards early and mid-career scientists. The winner of the award will receive $50,000 of funding over two years. The proposed research must be directly related to dyslexia and should take a cognitive science, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, neurobiology, genetics, and/or educational approach. Initial stage proposals are due September 17, 2021, by 5 pm EST. Specific proposal guidelines are below.

Criteria and Review Process

  • Funding will be for 2 years ($25K per year for a total of $50K, plus 10% allowance for overhead)
  • The candidate must be no more than 15 years from the last degree
  • The areas of focus should be cognitive science, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, neurobiology, genetics, and/or education, and oriented toward and directly related to dyslexia
  • The proposed work must not be a direct continuation of the mentor’s work
  • Applications will follow a two-tiered process, whereby applicants will submit an initial two-page summary and the semifinalists will be selected
  • Semifinalists will be notified and invited to submit a full proposal (instructions will be provided at that time)
  • A committee of 5-6 individuals will review and rank the full proposals
  • Selection of a winner will be made based on the proposal rankings by the committee members, as well as its alignment with TDF’s priorities and goals

Timeline and Due Dates

  • Submission of the two-page summary proposal will be due on September 17, 2021, by 5 PM EST
  • The list of finalists will be announced on November 1, 2021
  • Full research proposals will be due on January 14, 2022, by 5 PM EST
  • The winner will be notified on March  11, 2022
  • The winner will be announced and they will present an overview of their work at TDF’s 2022 Extraordinary Brain Series Symposium in Bermuda.

Please send submissions to