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What do we know about reading comprehension-and what do we need to know in order to improve it and help all students become confident readers? This urgently needed research volume is the only cohesive, up-to-date compendium of knowledge about the behavioral, neurobiological, and genetic components of reading comprehension. More than 40 top researchers from multiple disciplines present the latest findings on comprehension, addressing theory and science, effective instruction and intervention, and priorities for future research that will move the field forward.


  • the trajectory of reading skill development
  • causes of comprehension problems during reading
  • ideal characteristics of effective reading comprehension assessments
  • new analytic techniques that examine individual differences in comprehension skills
  • groundbreaking behavioral genetics studies examining reading comprehension
  • distinctions between oral comprehension and reading comprehension
  • how various text types interact with the cognitive and neurobiological profiles of children with varying comprehension abilities
  • interventions for diverse learners who struggle with comprehension
  • intensive interventions for adolescents with dyslexia