New TDF Honorary Board Member – Deborah Baker Jr.

The Dyslexia Foundation is pleased to announce that Deborah Baker Jr. is joining TDF’s Honorary Board. Deborah, who has dyslexia, has never let this deter her from pursuing her passion as an actor. In fact, her learning difference has helped her understand that there...
Yvette Blaess

Yvette Blaess

The Dyslexia Foundation is proud to announce that Ms. Yvette Blaess, former Miss Virginia Beach 2015, will serve as ambassador and spokesperson for The Dyslexia Foundation as she competes in the 2016 Miss America World Pageant, “Beauty with a Purpose.”

For dyslexia, writing is often on the wall from birth

Original text provided by Boston Childrens Hospital – December 7, 2015 Some 5 to 17 percent of all children have developmental dyslexia, or unexplained reading difficulty. When a parent has dyslexia, the odds jump to 50 percent. Typically, though, dyslexia isn’t...