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Your contribution directly supports The Foundation’s efforts to provide information, resources, and events to educators across the country.  The programs and events that you support allow the Foundation’s research community the opportunity to disseminate new findings and deploy new evidence-based approaches that hope to prevent the suffering caused by reading failure and unlock the full potential of children and adults with dyslexia. To learn more about our work please look through our Research findings and conference presentations that can be found throughout this site.

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Making 62,926 steps count to support The Dyslexia Foundation

Dr. Vaughn qualified for the 2021 London Marathon, on October 3rd, and she is teaming up with TDF as an opportunity to raise funds to fulfill the Foundation’s vision of a world where every person with dyslexia can achieve their full potential.  Like her steadfast belief that each child with dyslexia counts, let’s make each of the 62,926 steps in her run to cross the finish line count towards advancing our knowledge of dyslexia and translating it to classroom instruction.

Click this link to donate to the TDF Marathon Campaign – and thank you for your continued support of our Mission.

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