“Dyslexia and Literacy: Early Identification in Education Programming”

This conference was held on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at:

The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center

at The Harvard Medical School

77 Avenue Louis Pasteur

Boston, MA 02115


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This conference is designed for teachers, practitioners and parents to help them learn to identify, understand, and provide evidence-based teaching for students who have dyslexia and dyscalculia. Participants will learn the latest genetic studies as a basis for understanding current practices for assessment and intervention. The focus of these discussions will be for school-age students.

This event has concluded

A very special thank you to all of our participants, sponsors and remote sites for supporting this event. If you have questions about the other conferences that will be happening this year, or questions about next year’s event, please contact dyslexiafoundation@gmail.com.

7:30am – 8:45am (Eastern Time)

8:45am – 9:00am (Eastern Time)

9:00am – 10:00am (Eastern Time)
Lessons From Neurology About Dyslexia and Literacy
Nadine Gaab, PhD
AssociateĀ Professor of Pediatrics at
The Boston Childrenā€™s Hospital –
Harvard Medical School

10:00am – 10:30am (Eastern Time)
TDF’s Rodin Award Presentation & Break
2016 Recipient: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

10:30am – 11:00am (Eastern Time)
How early is early: Beginning reading instruction and multi-tied systems of support

11:00am – 12:00pm (Eastern Time)
Oral Language Precursors to Literacy: Understanding Dyslexia From a Language Perspective
Melanie Schuele, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. Hearing and
Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University

12:00pm – 12:45pm (Eastern Time)

12:45pm – 2:45pm (Eastern Time)
Teaching Strategies For Dyslexia and Literacy
Sally Grimes, Ed.M.
Founder, The Grimes Reading Institute

2:45pm – 3:00pm (Eastern Time)
Closing Remarks
Joan Mele-McCarthy, DA, CCC-SLP
Executive Director, The Summit
School; formerly Special Assistant to
the Assistant Secretary of Special
Education and Rehabilitation
Services (OSERS) in the U.S.
Department of Education

Special Thanks to our Sponsors