Never Quit Trying

NQT logoNever Quit Trying is a fundraising campaign with The Dyslexia Foundation with a goal to provide greater education opportunities for educators serving students with dyslexia and other learning differences.  80% of every dollar donated will go towards sponsorship teachers and educators to attend conferences, seminars and training event   The remaining 20% of the donations will be used to support new research related to dyslexia and learning differences so that we can learn new, more effective ways to identify students with learning differences early in their lives.


Our Goal

Help teachers and parents understand why and how children struggle with dyslexia so

  • parents can recognize that their children who struggle in school may have dyslexia and arrange to have their child evaluated
  • teachers can recognize dyslexia in their students when they struggle with reading and spelling and writing, and use proven teaching methods that will help these students
  • children and teens understand that their peers with dyslexia struggle in school and that bullying them is hurtful and damaging

How can you help?  Share  NQT – Never Quit Trying – with everyone- teachers, parents, kids.  Buy NQT bracelets at The Dyslexia Foundation website.   Go to for your bracelets and to learn more about dyslexia.

Your support will enable The Dyslexia Foundation (TDF) to offer the annual Harvard Medical School Conferences to all teachers and parents for free, at Harvard Medical School or via simulcast, so the most current ways to evaluate and teach individuals who struggle with dyslexia and related learning issues are placed in the hands of people who need it so desperately – parents, teachers, and individuals with dyslexia.