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Welcome to the official website of The Dyslexia Foundation (TDF). We invite you to browse around – learn what dyslexia is and how to cope with it, find out what’s new in and around our organization, and about TDF research and programs addressing dyslexia. Check out the children’s art gallery. You can also support our important work by becoming a member of TDF, contributing a donation, or shopping at our online store.

About the Foundation

The Dyslexia Foundation (TDF), a non-profit organization, was established in 1989 to identify and assist children with dyslexia – to establish higher levels of learning through specialized programs promoting better reading.

But TDF has grown and become even more.

Today, the foundation through its benchmark reading program AmericaYesRead! promotes higher levels of literacy for all children. AmericaYesRead! provides an innovative and interactive learning environment that both teachers and K-3 students actually enjoy using. The program is designed, not to replace current reading curriculum, but to enhance and optimize teacher/student interaction through reading comprehension, vocabulary and phonetic exercises.

Teachers find the AmericaYesRead! curriculum easy to integrate into their lesson plans, with a minimal learning curve. They especially appreciate the ongoing diagnostic tools provided – for easy tracking of children’s reading progress.



William H. Baker – Founder & President

Joyce Bulifant – Executive Vice President

Philip Alexander

Richard L. Baker

David Drake

Drake D. Duane, M.D.

Erika Ray


Glenn D. Rosen, Ph.D. – Chairman

April Benasich, Ph.D.

Benita Blachman, Ph.D.

Laurie Cutting, Ph.D.

Drake D. Duane, M.D.

Holly Fitch, Ph.D.

John D. E. Gabrieli, Ph.D.

Albert M Galaburda, M.D.

Jeffrey W. Gilger, Ph.D.

Bruce F. Pennington, Ph.D.

Jun Ren Lee, Ph.D.

Ken Pugh, Ph.D.

Paula Tallal, Ph.D.

Ovid J. L. Tzeng, Ph.D.

Maryanne Wolf, Ph.D.


Joan McNichols – Director

Leslie Bendees


Joan Mele-McCarthy, D.A. – Chairman


Amelia Baker

Nancy Rhodes