All about Language: Science, Theory, and Practice
Неделя языка: эксперименты, теория, практика

St. Petersburg, Russia
May 28—June 1, 2018.

The meeting will include various language-related topics with targeted speakers in language evolution, genetic and environmental etiology, typical development, language disorders, bi/multilingualism, and various types of literacy. The symposium will be supported primarily by two laboratories led by Elena Grigorenko and Yury Shtyrov, both recently established at the St. Petersburg University (SPbSU), Russia, within the framework of so-called “Mega-grant projects” aimed at giving a major boost to Russian sciences (http://www.p220.ru/en/).

In addition, both funding and other administrative support, including the venue for the conference, was provided by SPbSU. A number of philanthropic organizations will be supporting various aspects of the event, including The Dyslexia Foundation, the Russian Dyslexia Association, and the Way Out Foundation. In addition to a scientific exchange of ideas among leading scientists, the event will feature three free public lectures open to all and a round table for practitioners with participating educators from independent schools, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Science and Education, and social Russian social entrepreneurs interested in starting independent schools.